About Us

Mission Statement:

  • To expand open space rehabilitation and or preservation or by acquiring land, which shall remain predominantly undeveloped, so as to provide long term active recreational and educational opportunities to those members of the public not served by traditional municipal land use policies.
  • To serve as an educational facility to teach safe, prudent and responsible ATV use.
  • To promote environmental awareness and stewardship responsibilities to the “active use” user groups who normally do not receive any education regarding the impact of their sport on the natural world.

Scope of Services:

The predominant activities on Long Island Recreational Trails Conservancy
lands shall be as follows:

  • Free Level 1 ATV safety training to members of the general public. One does not need to be affiliated with any group or organization to qualify for this training. (This is currently not available on Long Island)
  • Law enforcement awareness program to teach pertinent state, county and local land use laws to youth and provide a positive introductory experience to law enforcement personnel.
  • Family oriented ATV trail and ATV riding events.
  • Inclusion of members of the general public who are “active users” including, but not limited to, equestrians, cyclists, skateboarders, hunters, archers and snowmobilers.
  • An environmental awareness program to educate “active user groups” about:
    • The damage caused by inappropriate activities in environmentally sensitive areas.
    • Methods to lessen their groups impact on the environment.
    • Recognition of invasive species and methods to prevent the introduction of invasive alien plants into natural areas
  • Those persons desiring access to The Long Island Recreational Trails Conservancy sites may apply for seasonal permits and or special day events. All persons will be expected to cover their respective liability responsibilities and facility use costs. The LIRTC will charge a nominal fee for the use of the facility.
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